Get 25$ Free iTunes Gift Cards No Survey

iTunes is by far the most media player/music service. With the iTunes Store, users can download music, music videos, television shows, applications from the App Store, movies and more. Due to all this, iTunes Gift Cards are popular and for a good reason! Now, many people have been posting these iTunes Code Generators online claiming that it is possible to generate a code of any amount.

They will include all of these arbitrary limitations and exceptions (only one code per 24 hours or only up to $25 so you don’t get caught) just for it to seem a bit more believable. I mean, you can’t just generate dozens of codes could you now?


The thing is, no matter who makes the generator or what the conditions are, these generators never work! Codes are activated when purchased so if you do not purchase the code it won’t work. I learned the hard way a long time ago when I was searching for a way to get gift cards for last minute Christmas gifts.

After an uneventful search, I came upon a rewards website that was easy to use and proved their worth! Before I signed up, I saw a whole bunch of proof images that convinced me. Today,  I plan on convincing you so you can get your own iTunes Code for free the right way!

Free iTunes Gift Codes No Surveys

Firstly you want to create a free account at the Rewards website. It only takes 30 seconds, and only basic information is required. Once you have fulfilled this, be sure to check your email for a confirmation email address so you can activate your account. If you are a US or UK citizen, then you will receive a 250 points bonus, which is equal to $2.50.

Now many people hate surveys and downloads. The thing is, I do too. This is why you don’t have to do any of these because I didn’t. All I did was refer new members to the website. You get up to 150 points per member that you refer. I knew that if I wanted a $25 iTunes Gift Card, I would need to refer at least 17 referrals (17 x 150 points = 2550 ~ $25.50 for all of you math majors out there).

I knew that you get fewer points if a member does not do an offer, so I wanted to encourage people to try an offer. This way, they could earn 100 points from that plus 250 points for signing up and just get a $3 or $4 item from To do this, I went on Facebook fan pages and commented on cheap product pages for things such as iPhone cases and pens. I also made a status update. After about an hour I had gotten 24 signups and made about 2600 points.

So, what you want to do is get your referral link (masked ID one) from the “Refer Others” section. Then, go to Facebook and choose your fan pages. Also, make a status update. Be sure to include your referral link and a proof image.

Then, just word your “sales copy” creatively so that it would interest someone. If the fan page method fails, then I am sure you can get enough of your friends to join. If not, maybe try Youtube. Plenty of people posts proof videos there. You can get proof images here and if you have any further questions then visit the FAQ page.