So you want some free Google Play credits, do you?

I don't think you've ever seen a website quite like this one. I'm not here to gather your personal information. I'm not here to trade you a product or market a service. I don't want to call you or include you on any sort of mailing list.

My sole purpose for starting this site is to give away gift cards to retailers, dining establishments, websites, vacation destinations, hotels and practically anyplace that offers gift cards.That's right. I'm giving away $5, $10, $25, $50 and even $100 Google Play gift cards to hundreds of different places and all that you have to do is request one.

That's right. No strings. No forms to fill out. No boxes to click or actions to take. Nothing to buy. Nothing to worry about. Just send me a request for a free Google play codes, and I may mail you one. Click here to participate!

That's not to say that everyone who emails me will get a gift card. I love giving away free things. But there is only so much to go around. So if I get 10 emails requesting free gift cards today, I may only be able to fill four of those requests. Or three. Or two. Or just one. Or none.

It depends on what I happen to have in my stash on any given day, and I am the sole person who will determine when or if I'll send a gift card to you. That means that I'm not guaranteeing that I will send you one. But I will do my best to fill as many requests as possible.


How It Works?

How on earth can I afford to do this and what's in it for me, you may ask?I am not exactly going to tell you my secret. But I manage to get my hands on literally hundreds of different retailer gift cards, and it does benefit me to give them to you rather than keep them for myself.

It's also rewarding to know that I'm making others happy. I mean, most people would be thrilled to find a $10 google play gift card from the local store or $20 to spend at an electronics store or $50 to download online music from Google Play Store.

I love helping people be happy.So here's how it works. All that you have to do is click here to email me and tell me why I should send you a gift card.

Tell me a little about how you would use the card and what type of gift card you would like. Want to go shopping for games or applications? Then request a card that would be good for purchasing books, or get more specific and tell me which retailer you'd prefer to have.

I can't guarantee that I'll send you exactly what you request. But if I know what you need, it's more likely I can send you what you want.When I send out gift cards, I will post updates to this blog so that you know that somebody has received one.

No, I will not post your identifying information. I'll simply say something like this:

"I sent Mike from Philadelphia a $10 gift card to Lane Bryant today; I sent Sheila from Atlanta a $50 iTunes gift card; Bob from California received a $25 Google Play gift card to buy new applications."

I will not spam you. I will not trade or give away your private information. I will not add you to my personal mailing list.

Not bad, right? So I hope you'll check this blog often to see more stories of how I'm getting the word out about my free gift card giveaway. Tell your friends. Bookmark the page. Send your request and keep your fingers crossed.

Please narrow your requests to no more than one per week to be fair to everyone. But other than that, just have fun and be creative with your requests. Get my attention. Tell me where you want to shop. Tell me what you want to buy. Who knows. You could open your mailbox tomorrow and find a gift from me!Want to make your request for a free Google Play Store Gift card?