Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to GPT/Rewards websites, you can do various activities for prizes. Unlike needing to download fake generators, you can do various activities to accrue points on your account. Advertisers on the rewards website provide all of the surveys and offers for people to do.

When someone completes one of these items, the rewards site gets paid, and they then pay you in the form of points! Since they want more members like this, they offer 150 points per referral. They also allow you to play games and win contests, both fun things to make the site more entertaining. Ultimately, you get these prizes by earning them doing activities. Hence the GPT (get paid to).

How do I know that this works?

Take a look at the Proof page. There is plenty of proof there from members that have posted their gift cards. These are not the only prizes available, however. You can get any prizes that are available on, too.

How long does it take to earn a $25 Google Play gift card?

It depends. It could take anywhere from 5 minutes of actual work to upwards of a few hours. It just depends on how well you promote the website to get referrals. If you have a huge friends list and feel that you can promote the website easily, then it may be as simple as a status update.

Do those Google Play gift card code generators work?

Yes, a generator provided on our website works. Codes must be activated by purchasing them at a store. Since the generator does not purchase them, it simply picks unused code from our database. Those codes are real and bought by our team to help our website visitors.

How long does it take to sign-up?

1 minute! It is entirely free, and only basic information is required. You will never be spammed, and no billing information will ever be needed.

Is it completely free to earn these prizes?

Yes, it is 100% free. There is only one thing that you spend: time. Yes, you have to pay some time to earn the gift cards. This is better than being scammed though and wasting 30 minutes and perhaps ruining your computer.